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Mixtape: Forsooth, Baby

This mix started out as probably my sixth or seventh stab at a Canterbury-style prog mixtape, but I decided to drop that limitation (there's only so many incontinent woodwinds the human ear can tolerate) and stretch it to include late-era psychedelic pop and the whole of European prog rock. The first hour has pop-sized obscurities with bite, and the second hour is something of a cooling-off session with longer bits of prog and experimental. It's reminiscent of Sincerely Yours, Sunbrite, which is still my most popular mixtape (I promise the sequel is coming). If I may be so blustery, Forsooth, Baby is one of the greatest mixtapes I've ever done. Like, in-the-time-capsule-next-to-the-fidget-spinner great. Have at it.

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